Day of the tourist in Paguera

Day of the tourist in Paguera


Day of the tourist in Paguera

calendar icon 17/09/2018

Every third Thursday in September the "Day of Tourists" takes place in Paguera. On this day, there are numerous stalls, stages and attractions on the boulevard which give visitors an insight into the traditions and culture of the village. Music, dance, customs and culture are the focus of the evening.

At 8 pm The procession with the festively decorated bandwagons runs along the boulevard. You can admire fire devils, fabulous creatures and traditional folklore groups in their original Mallorcan costumes.

Get a taste of the “hierbas” or try generally the typical Majorcan cuisine, get inspired and let yourself carried away by the atmosphere. The numerous stages with live music can not be missed – everybody is invited to dance and party with the crowd. This event has even its own regular guests, who book their holiday especially at this time. Finally, there will be a big firework on the beach.

Author: Ismael Baran, 17.09.2018

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